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It's extremely hard to determine with precision due to the huge number of factors in one SEO campaign. However, in most cases, from 3 to 6 months with medium competition.
With the increase of the organic traffic to the website, raise in the search engine rankings and successful lead generations.
First position guarantees are usually promised by con artists and amateurs. Here at Sematigo, we do not want to mislead our clients and does not guarantee first position in Google. What we guarantee is increase in the traffic, rankings and lead generations, which is the actual result of an successful SEO campaign.
White Hat tactics to achieve long-term results with great attention to the onsite and technical SEO.

Web Design

No, this is a separete service with different price.
No, the client has to offer images and text content for their website (template images, such as icons are included in the price). We offer copywriting and image services as an extra.
Yes, all website that we develop are created with SEO in mind.


Via bank trasfer or PayPal.
Of course! Take a look at our Prices page or simply contact us for a personal offer.

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