December 8, 2017
Website migration checklist

Important SEO Tips for Successful Website Migration

At first, one of the most important questions that you’ve to ask yourself. Do you really need to migrate your website? This is a serious step […]
November 24, 2017
Wordpress for SEO

WordPress: From SE Friendly to SE Optimized

If you are one of the many WordPress users out there, then you have probably heard thousand times that WP is SEO-friendly, one of the best […]
November 17, 2017

9 Things You Should Know Before Making a Website

Nowadays, every serious businessman should consider a well designed and maintained website for a huge number of reasons. Web experience evolved significantly far beyond the simple […]
November 9, 2017

7 Things You Should Know About SEO as a Client

Search engine optimization, or widely known as SEO, has gained lots of attention in the recent years. But it’s not a surprise, as the search engine […]
January 24, 2017

Welcome to Our UK Website

Welcome, dear guest! Sematigo is proud to present the UK version of our website ( ).  We’ve prepared a fully translated copy for our foreign […]